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State Tax Coronavirus Tracker Responses to Coronavirus COVID-

Is the Tax Deadline Delayed? What to Know About Coronavirus

The General Assembly adjourned March 18, three weeks earlier than scheduled, after passing a $47.9 billion state operating budget anda $440 million revenue planto fund education reforms and emergency responses to the coronavirus outbreak. The revenue plan includes major tax changes, including a first-in-the-nation attempt at taxing digital advertising and an increase in the cigarette excise tax from $2.00 to $3.75 per pack. Along with the bill implementing the digital advertising tax and increases to the tobacco excise tax , the budget bill has been sent to Gov. Larry Hogan for his signature or veto. The vaguely worded, legally dubiousdigital advertising taxis expected to be vetoed by Gov. Hogan, but the current vote tally on that measure is enough to override a veto. Any special session to override a veto is unlikely to occur until later this year. The revenue plan would also extend unemployment insurance to those quarantined or who have been laid off because of the coronavirus outbreak. In addition, Gov. Hogan has alreadysigned legislationallowing the state to tap up to $50 million from its rainy day fund.

Amgen is the latest drugmaker in Senate committee’s tax probe – FiercePharma

Amgen is the latest drugmaker in Senate committee’s tax probe.

Posted: Fri, 12 Aug 2022 13:06:35 GMT [source]

For the form and instructions, see New annual reporting requirement for electric generating facilities. Failure to pay any balance of tax due by July 15, 2020, will result in the accrual of penalties and interest beginning July 16, 2020. For More Informationvisit /revenue.Submita request for help or information to one of their agents. Taxpayers may also e-file by purchasing tax preparation software, by working https://accounting-services.net/ with a tax professional, or by using the Office of State Tax Commissioner’s stand-alone free ND Fillable Forms option . Interest will be charged to filings after April 15 until the date of payment. Go to if you have questions or contact the Taxpayer Assistance Center Kansas Department of Revenue The Department has establishedCOVID-19 FAQsand a dedicated team to address tax-related questions via email at

Individual and Consumption Taxes

He will now consider financing the recently approved capital projects by issuing bonds. The statehas announcedthat income tax filing and payment deadlines have been extended to July 15.

Is the Tax Deadline Delayed? What to Know About Coronavirus

For more information on the process for submitting applications for lien certificates, and related topics. The “Submit Forms 2848 and 8821 Online” tool allows both Form 2848 and Form 8821 authorizations containing electronic signatures to be securely uploaded online but still requires manual processing. If you prefer for the certificate to be mailed by a Private Delivery Service , provide a prepaid label and envelope/box and refer to Private Delivery Services for a list of available PDS locations.

Tax Department response to novel coronavirus (COVID-

During this special session, the Assembly and Senate passed a bill to authorize the use of federal aid from the CARES Act and allow the Joint Committee on Finance to allocate up to $75 million in funding for coronavirus response efforts. The bill was signed into law by Gov. Tony Evers shortly after it passed the Senate. In addition to authorizing COVID-19 response funding, the new law allows local taxation districts to waive interest and penalties on late property tax payments if the payments are for taxes due after April 1 and are paid by October 1. Tax districts making such waivers must first adopt a resolution authorizing such action. The state of Alabama announced that state income tax filing due date is extended to July 15, 2020. Taxpayers can also defer state income tax payments due on April 15, 2020, to July 15, 2020, without penalties and interest, regardless of the amount owed.

Is the Tax Deadline Delayed? What to Know About Coronavirus

Nebraska’s 2020 legislative session was suspended for the week of March 16 but reconvened briefly during the week of March 23. The Unicameral quickly passed, and Gov. Pete Ricketts signed, a measure providing$83.6 millionin emergency COVID-19 funding. Legislators voted March 17 and 18 tosuspendthe legislative session until April 1 or a day agreed upon by the lieutenant governor and speaker of the house.

Excise Taxes

Due to the lingering effects of COVID-19, we continue to experience inventory backlogs and processing times longer than the normal 90-day statutory period. If you live outside Is the Tax Deadline Delayed? What to Know About Coronavirus of the United States and receive Social Security Benefits, you may not receive Form SSA-1099 due to the temporary suspension of International mail to some locations.

The request will aim to provide relief for small businesses and the airline industry, and include ‘big’ checks for Americans, Trump says. You can search for a type of tax (such as “income tax” or “GET”), administrative details (such as “due dates” or “COVID-19 relief”), or anything that might address your specific issue (such as “helicopter maintenance”). It is important to us that we continue to serve you during this unpredictable time.

South Dakota Legislative Session Updates

Those plans were further delayed, and as of April 30, the legislature’s next planned meeting day is May 5. Gov. DeWine on March 23 ordered a freeze in state government hiring, with an exception for positions directly related to coronavirus response, safety, and security, and direct care or institutional services. He also ordered agencies to cut unnecessary spending by up to 20 percent for the remainder of this fiscal year and the next. In addition, a downtown Columbus interstate highway project has been delayed by the Ohio Department of Transportation until next year because ofexpected decreases in revenue from fuel taxes. The legislative session convened as planned April 28, with social distancing measures in place, and is scheduled to adjourn in mid-July. Many pre-session committee meetings scheduled for early March were canceled. In late March, pre-session meetings began being conducted remotely, includingmeetingsof the new House Select Committee on COVID-19.

The state’s “May 2020 Consensus Caseload and Revenue Estimating Conference” is expected to convene as scheduled, although likely in a modified format, in late April. Rhode Island’s legislature meets throughout the year, and when lawmakers return, they will need to pass a budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Rhode Island’s revenue shortfalls havereportedlyput into jeopardy the continued phaseout of the state’s “car tax,” an annual tax on the value of taxpayers’ cars registered in Rhode Island. Bothchambersconvened on April 8, with social distancing measures in place, for the scheduled fiscal session.

Oregon Department of Revenue

Gov. John Carney announcedno-interest 10-year loans capped at $10,000 per monthfor qualifying restaurants, bars, and other hospitality businesses, to be used for non-personnel costs such as rent and utilities. This is for eligible businesses in operation for at least a year, with annual revenue below $1.5 million. Unemployment insurance benefits can be claimed by those working part-time provided they document their decreased hours and earnings. Gov. Carney has said the state may face a$500 millionrevenue loss due to the coronavirus. When lawmakers reconvene, revising the budget will be a top priority, with a final budget expected to be signed in June. The Arkansas Legislature convened March 26 for anextraordinary sessionto create a special rainy day fund for COVID-19 and todiscussthe anticipated revenue shortfall for the current fiscal year. Arkansas hasrevisedits revenue forecast for FY 2020, showing a loss of $353.1 million compared to itsMay 2019 forecast.

The legislature convened for a veto session April 22, with most of the governor’s proposed amendments approved, including the suspension of nearly $2 billion in new spending over the next biennium and a four-month delay to a planned minimum wage increase. Initially set to last through April 15, lawmakers now have no plans to reconvene until after May 15. Prior to suspending the session, lawmakers passed asession lawproviding supplemental appropriations for July and August 2020 at current levels, but only to take effect if the legislature is unable to reconvene before the start of the new fiscal year. The same law also provides $91.8 million in additional funding for the current fiscal year, including for response to the coronavirus outbreak. The 2020 legislative session has beensuspended indefinitely since March 17.

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