• 02 10, 2022
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A girl’s gotta have criteria…

A couple weeks ago I invested various frustrated hours within beach evening design, on my own sitting at night. I stressed my personal cousin as she dreaded i’d be abducted and find yourself on Dateline next month. I found myself thinking, conversing with friends, texting and giving photos of my personal foot into the sand to twitter.

Criteria, standards, standards…it was actually all I could remember. The criteria to which I hold my buddies, my personal moms and dads, me, men…probably why i am solitary.

a ladies gotta have requirements though.

Are standards grayscale? Whenever can we create exclusions? In speaking with a pal exactly who shared a comparable knowledge growing upwards, We knew that the criteria We once held my dad for altered…have they lowered? No, Really don’t think-so. Have actually we discovered he’s maybe not just who I want him to be…but as an alternative somebody I’m able to love, study from, count on in different ways? Yes. Basically allow myself.

I need to hold my personal standards when considering matters of my personal center however, a women gotta.
You don’t get to decide on your parents. But i shall choose the then him. Ideally the last him. I am aware We discuss this a lot…and We worry getting the trustworthiness of sad solitary lady. We many def in the morning not, trust once I claim that meeting great men is not the problem, but running a blog is far more for me than posting pictures…it’s a release. I know, as many people have actually said, that after you know, you know, that it’ll happen when you least anticipate it, and that I’m cool thereupon, truly, i’m.

I can’t help but ask yourself (hello Carrie Bradshaw, sorry), if my personal requirements are way too high. Is that also possible? I recently hate that strange experience, the warning flag that so frequently I’ve disregarded, the settling…the I KNEW YOU WOULD DO THIS matches, or views..that have remaining myself strolling a mile on the Vegas strip alone at 3am in a mini and 5 inchers, becoming followed closely by creeps, worried to contact my pals or family members for concern with the unavoidable ” I said thus’s…” because We already told myself personally very. No one is harder on me…than me.

Expectations. I’m sticking to my personal criteria. They are large. Once we fulfill him, and I merely learn, and it is whenever I least expect it, I won’t have to lower all of them. If anything…he better boost me right up, he is gotta.

What exactly are a few of the criteria?


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